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The Project Partners

The NQCA partnership is a rich source of knowledge, complimentary expertise and specialist skills. We have a shared commitment to contribute to the debate and inform a community of practice that will embed quality assurance and quality culture as a driver for improved learner outcomes in vocational education and training. We look forward to sharing our partnership journey.

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Ballymun Job CentreBallymun, Dublin, Ireland

The Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) was established in 1986 as a community response to a chronic unemployment situation. Since opening, the BJC has adapted to changes in the environment in order to respond more effectively to the needs of the community. A voluntary organisation with charitable status, the BJC has a proven track record of providing quality and innovative services. The BJC has achieved both the "Excellence Through People" and the Q-Mark Awards. The mission of the BJC is to raise the skills and labour market aspirations of individuals in Ballymun and to promote the Ballymun labour force to employers. The overall objective of the BJC is to provide individuals with greater labour market choice and the opportunity to improve their employability, increase their earnings and reduce their vulnerability to poverty. Since 1996 the BJC has managed the LESN on behalf of the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership and DSP. The BJC also manages a Job Club and JI on behalf of DSP.

Julie McCafferty: BA, MSc, Reg. Work & Org. Psychol.,Ps.S.I. European Projects Coordinator

Registered Work & Organisational Psychologist with 5+ years working on all BJC research and special projects particularly in the areas of development of innovative tools and methodologies, psychometrics, training development, evaluation (including Social Return on Investment) and assessing individual differences (within a Career Guidance service).

GEMS NIBelfast, Northern Ireland, UK

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GEMS Northern Ireland is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity/social enterprise organisation. Since our launch in 2002 we have developed and delivered best practice in employability/employment services. GEMS NI is recognised as delivering excellence in IAG and VET and our development of models of best practice in employability interventions that support long-term unemployed/economically inactive people and in particular marginalized and disadvantaged groups including lone parents, migrants, young people who are NEET, older people, people with disabilities and health conditions, who experience disadvantage in the labour market. GEMS NI is committed to bringing "people to jobs and jobs to people". GEMS NI strives to promote social inclusion in the labour market and respects the client's right to freedom of career choice and freely chosen employment choice within the constraints and realities of the labour market.

Susan Russam MBE Chief Executive

Susan is Chief Executive of GEMS NI; she has been with the organisation since 2001 Susan has developed GEMS NI as organisation that is recognised as delivering international best practice in supporting community participation in urban regeneration and developing innovative approaches to tackle long-term unemployment, economic inactivity and worklessness. Susan has a strong commitment to community empowerment and is an active volunteer supporting projects, programmes and services that encourage social innovation and improvements to communities and lives.

Anne Downs Director of Business Services

Anne Downs is GEMS Director of Business Services: Anne is responsible for the Employer Interface in GEMS NI and works with employers to develop pre-employment programmes based on their skills requirements. Anne also manages the PR and Marketing service in GEMS NI and co-ordinates our European Programmes. Anne also leads our Collaborative Mentoring project, CO-MENT that supports young people aged 16-24 to improve their employability and create sustainable routes to learning and employment. Anne is rightfully proud of CO-MENT which was highlighted as a EuroCities best practice case study, 'best practice in Integrated services at local level.

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City of Turku, Education DivisionTurku, Finland

Turku is the oldest school city in Finland. As a bilingual city, Turku offers education in both Finnish and Swedish. City of Turku Education Division began its operations in its present form on 1 January 2011. The purpose of the integration is to offer children and young people an uninterrupted learning path, from nursery to the upper secondary level as well as diverse education services in adult education. City of Turku Education Division is responsible for early childhood education, basic education, general upper secondary education, vocational education and adult education in Turku. The city has a total of 59,000 children and students. The city's education services provide learners of all ages with the means to develop as individuals based on their own strengths and goals. The total number of personnel of City of Turku Education Division is 3,740 (2011), of whom ca. 75% in education work. Turku Vocational Institute is a centre for vocational training and education consisting of 4,500 students and 600 professional instructors. The Institute is one of Finland's largest upper-secondary educational institutions with approximately 1,500 new admissions each year.

Mrs. Anu Parantainen

Mrs. Anu Parantainen has worked for ten years with projects which focus on developing pedagogical solutions in vocational education and youth guarantee. Previously, she worked as a teacher of special education and a study counsellor, so she has lots of experience in guiding young people from one school level to another, developing different learning environments and supporting students with special needs. She also has long experience of coordinating projects and wide networks.

Mr. Kalle Ojanen

Mr. Kalle Ojanen has worked for five years as a manager in Turku Vocational Institute. In his unit there over 600 students. Kalle has a long experience in teaching and developing education, previously he has worked in University and upper secondary school. Kalle is in Turku Education Division one of the key persons when organization started to develop multi-employer apprenticeship training. Also the quality management is part of his duty as a manager in VET. In his unit Kalle and his teachers will combine new innovative methods of teaching to models of NQCA.

MetropolisNet EEIGBerlin, Germany

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MetropolisNet EEIG is a European network of organisations working in metropolitan cities to promote social inclusion, employment and urban development. It evolved from a transnational network created to support EU local employment initiatives, including Territorial Employment Pacts. The member organisations share a common commitment to tackling issues of unemployment and social exclusion. MetropolisNet EEIG is a grouping of different types of organisations – private, public and NGOs - involved in social inclusion and labour market strategies at local level in large European cities. The members of the network consider the promotion of employment and social inclusion to be essential for sustainable growth in metropolitan areas. It is a vehicle for inter-city and inter-organisational collaboration in promoting the empowerment of local actors by emphasiing the local dimension of EU policies on employment and social affairs, and for developing the local dimension of EU strategies on employment, social inclusion and local development. It sees as a priority the fostering of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth within the context of the EU 2020 strategy.

Jasmin Zouizi

Jasmin Zouizi is graduated in Adult Education – Lifelong Learning at the Humboldt University in Berlin and graduated in International Business Administration –from the University of Applied Science in Karlsruhe. She is an expert with more than 10 years' experience in the planning and management of European funded projects, with a special focus on vocational training, lifelong learning and labour market policy. She also works as trainer for adults in different training institutions and universities and developed in this responsibility various course curricula.

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C.I.O.F.S. FPRome, Italy

CIOFS-FP is a non-profit organization founded in 1986, whose main area of activity is Vocational Training. CIOFS-FP is present in 13 Italian regions with as many Regional Associations and 60 Operational offices, through which vocational training, guidance and job placement services, as well as local and business services, such as training needs analysis and support to business creation, are also provided. The network put in place by the Association includes the Regions: Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Veneto. CIOFS-FP is active in vocational training, guidance, certification of skills, social inclusion, employability promotion and job integration as well as equal opportunities through the implementation of educational activities and research, workshops, cross-border trade, development and implementation of projects and services. The Association has a long-standing experience in the development and management of national and European projects, and is also part of networks both in Italy and in Europe.

Francesca Di Paolantonio

Francesca is responsible for the Quality Management System and the Management of Health and Safety at Work. As such, she facilitates and supports this management by coordinating the activities of the system and by providing technical assistance to regional offices. She manages relationships with Italian and European institutional partners and, has participated in the designing of European projects within the LLP and provided technical-linguistic support and facilitated relations and exchanges between the different partners involved in those projects. Francesca was a member of two European Project's Technical Committees concerning QA specifically: QA applied in ICT Enterprises "VETQI project", and QA applied in AE "Prisdoq Project". Francesca is a member of the EQAVEt Working group on Adult Learning and CVE.

gsubBerlin, Germany

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gsub mbH was founded in 1991 with the purpose of implementing labour market policies in reunified Berlin and has evolved over the following years into a service provider in the public sector. gsub mbH is now active in the following fields of employment and labour market policy, education policy, economic policy, children and youth policy and integration policy. gsub's entire operation consists of the companies gsub – Gesellschaft für soziale Unternehmensberatung mbH (Society for Social Business Consultancy) and gsub-Projektegesellschaft mbH. We see ourselves as a "social business consultancy." As a service provider in the public sector in the social fields of labour, education and integration, we combine social commitment with economic competence. Our main business areas are programme and Grants Management with the goal of effective and efficient use of public funds. gsub mbH is a founding member of the European company "MetropolisNet" with the aim of promoting employment, social cohesion and urban development in large European cities and metropolitan areas.

Jasmin Zouizi

Jasmin Zouizi is graduated in Adult Education – Lifelong Learning at the Humboldt University in Berlin and graduated in International Business Administration –from the University of Applied Science in Karlsruhe. She is an expert with more than 10 years' experience in the planning and management of European funded projects, with a special focus on vocational training, lifelong learning and labour market policy. She also works as trainer for adults in different training institutions and universities and developed in this responsibility various course curricula.

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RinovaLondon, UK

Rinova is an innovate, employee-owned independent social enterprise, in that we are a business with social objectives.  This primarily takes place in the areas of (i) Employment, (ii) Skills and Learning, (iii) Arts and Culture, and (iv) Social Action and Enterprise. We make it our business to be up to date with policy initiatives, programmes and policy in these areas, but our passion is to respond by working 'bottom up' with partners  - designing and implementing solutions, extracting and sharing the lessons learnt.

Amanda Francis CEO Rinova

Amanda has over 25 years' experience of developing and managing a wide range of work based learning, employability, skills and business support programmes gained through working in the public and private sectors within London and across the UK.  As well as her work at Rinova supporting young people in the labour market, Amanda has implemented employability and skills training for women returners, ex-offenders, the long term unemployed and lone parents.  She has also delivered a range of programmes in business support, ICT training, web site design and e-working, having managed programmes which supported over 2500 SMEs, over 2000 unemployed adults and a further 3000 employees in workforce development.

Julie Parish Principal Development Manager

Julie is an experienced project development and implementation manager.  As the Principal Development Consultant at Rinova, Julie is responsible for the design and implementation of a number of employability and community-based social action projects concerned with those long term unemployed. Julie is leading Rinova's input into the training design and residential programme in Talent Match London, and is also undertaking curriculum development and design in our international projects. Prior to Rinova, Julie led the partnership development and business plan production of six successful European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) projects, each with a value of approximately £3m.  She also worked closely with London Councils and London Training and Employment Network on the development of a capacity building programme for the Third Sector.

HKIKHeves County, Hungary

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The HKIK is situated in North-Hungary, Heves County. Our most important objective is to promote the development and the organization of the economy, to facilitate the general and common representation of the business units' interests. The structure of the chamber consists of 3 sections (Industrial, Commercial, Handicraft). The present number of volunteer members are about 800, which companies represent the economy of the county. The form of the chamber is public body, operating on the basis of the self-government principle. The chamber has 25 employees, and a Presidentship with 13 members. The Chamber has efficient cooperation with all vocational schools and companies active in vocational training and educational centres in Heves County. HKIK has good experiences in national and international projects. We have international projects from more than ten years, for example: LLP LdV Mobility VETPRO, LLP LdV ToI and Partnership programs, Erasmus+ KA1 & KA2, Hungary-Slovakia Cross-Border Cooperation programs in several fields, IVF Standard Grants projects, Cluster Management projects, etc.

Mr. Sándor File

The Director of Economic Development and Head of the vocational education and training department of HKIK since 2003. Economist, manager, EU and Marketing expert, teacher. 12 years experience on the field of vocational education. Key person for national and international projects in the field of vocational education and economic development. In NQCA project he will manage the Project Manager and some professional tasks.

Ms. Marianna Vitkóczi

Head of the Vocational Education and Training Department and Adult education leader of HKIK since 1995. Teacher, trainer, coach. 28 years experience in the field of vocational education. Key person for VET and other e-learning. In NQCA project she will manage the main professional and VET tasks.

Mr. Zoltán Fodor

Project coordinator of HKIK since 2010. Economist, project expert, proposal writer. 6 years experience in the field of project coordination and management, and in event organization. Key person for national and international projects in several fields, such as clusters, mobility programs, transfer of innovation, etc. In NQCA project he will manage the financial and administrative tasks.